Indugras obtained recertification CoCIFFO

In July, the company Indugras, belonging to Setop Holding, received international revalidation certifying their raw materials and goods. 

After two weeks of audit, Indugras obtained recertification of the international organization IFFO, which ensures traceability and sustainability of our products.

The Setop Manager of Quality Assurance, Carlos Sepulveda, said: " This is one more way to ensure the condition that our products are being marketed. The company have been working on the quality assurance matter from many years ago, and have obtained several certifications and accreditations, which mostly evaluate the products safety. "

The audit was conducted by Rafael Guillen, who traveled from Peru as an evaluator for recertification. This focus mainly to raw material such as crude fish oils and their derivatives (mixtures of marine fatty acids and other ingredients). For Sepulveda, the importance of having the support of international organizations such as IFFO , is that " help maintain and open international markets also includes a revalidation of the quality system that we have implemented" .

CoCIFFO certification program has three main objectives: to ensure that the whole fish come from fisheries managed in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries of FAO; Ensure that are not used raw material of the illegal fishing, unreported and unregulated; confirm that pure and safe products are produced under a system of recognized quality management, demonstrating the absence of potentially dangerous and illegal materials. Three aspect in which Indugras managed fulfill successfully.