New Commercialization Channels

Setop enters the USA market

                                       After an evaluation that lasted about two months, the Holding Companies linked to the sale of animal feed entered the companies’ registration authorized by the FDA for this purpose. 

Cosal, Marfusion, Indugras and Azul Profundo, obtained the certificate of registration of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), allowing us to commercialized our product lines in the USA market. This organization ensures the security and safety products in this country. 

The Quality Assurance Manager of Setop, Carlos Sepulveda, said it is a big step for the company to enter in this list, where the process took about two months to be approved and must be renewed annually. 

With this, Setop is present in the 3 most demanding markets in the world: USA, China and the European Union. Sepulveda said: "There are still markets to be register, but soon will expect a visit from the Honduras safety agency, which will open another export destination “. 

To keep and get new register, " the plant has to keep working on their quality systems so they can continue to open important markets for the company growth in the international division. In addition to maintaining the trust of customers and government authorities, to further advance in the trade matter”.