SETOP Group enters the Media market

The project - which includes a quarterly magazine circulation - will be available in English and Spanish, and will include contributions from scientists around the world.

From La Serena, the world capital of astronomy, born the first bilingual Chilean magazine, Astrovida, which combines science, technology and astro- tourism content. Setop, it is one of the founders of this broadcasting project, which is expected to launch its first edition in October of this year. 

Astrovida Manager Hector Villalobos, referred to the magazine: "born of a partnership between Setop and 3G company, as the first step in this new medium of scientific diffusion. This also includes lectures, courses and workshops, which will be taught at first at the headquarters in La Serena, so people come to the theories of why we are here." 

In the project astronomers, astrophysicists, astrobiologists, geologists and philosophers of Chile and the world they participate. "The publication will have articles by scientists and directors of the world s leading astronomical centers as Alma and Aura. In addition, today we have contacts in Europe, the United States and China, among others, to collaborate during edits¨, said geologist and owner of 3G. 

While the first edition of the magazine is waiting for his launch, Mario Villalobos, philosopher dedicated to cognitive science and autopoiesis, working on an article about the new theories of knowledge along with prominent Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana. Astrovida Manager, said: " They will speak of the theories being handled very strong about the origin of life and the earth." 

"Where we go? That is not certain yet, but we are in that line, to understand what was our past, our origin, from a purely scientific standpoint, which will be promoted through the magazine, internet, and courses " Hector Villa Lobos said. On that topic it looks for also to make training to companies: " We try to offer something different, an alternative. For example, instead of sending the drill operator Collahuasi to learn the operation of a new machine, we want to know the story behind the rocks to be drilled, and thus try to approach these new theories of why it is here", concludes Villalobos. 

The magazine was in incubation process for almost two years, and is now ad- portholes to launch its first edition.