The Holding duplicated its worker’s contribution

SETOP Group participates in a new charity project

During November 2015, Setop group begun to develop a joint work with its workers. The main point was to aid children foster care centre (Bernardita Serrano Centre) located in San Pedro de la Paz. This institution shelters children between one and fourteen years old.

During the first stage of out project, every worker participated donating money. After that, the company doubled what the workers have saved up, reaching an amount of $3.655.500.-

The first activity took place during December 22nd 2015, and we delivered gifts such as table football games, swings, trampolines, and TVs. In addition to that, our team divided itself into different groups in charge of entertaining, cooking, decorating and other activities making the evening a big success.

The second activity took place in February 24th and in this occasion the children were taken to Chucke E. Cheese to share a morning of games, pizzas and entertainment. When they were back at the centre, they were given aprons, new shoes, and other supplies for the starting school year.

The CEO of SETOP, Luis Sepulveda, commented on the activity: “We are very happy today to see how these children value our initiative. Besides we are very proud to support our workers in this kind of venture. It is very satisfying for us to be able to contribute today”.