SOCOSEP learned about new trends in pharmaceutical products

Healthy sweets, vitamin-featured chocolates and new types of packaging for drugs are some of the advances that SOCOSEP director CEO, Carlos Sepúlveda, and Chief of Operations, Isabel Aguilera learned about the pharmaceutical industry in his visit to the main conference of this topic in the world, worldwide, in Madrid.

“Thanks to this international fair we observed how research and pharmaceutical commercialization is changing its paradigm. The new global trends aim towards creating products thinking about children’s health, pregnant women and senior citizens”, Aguilera asserted.

This fair gathered more than two thousand companies and received more than forty-three professionals from 150 different countries, who exchanged their knowledge in the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Chief of Operations added that as a Company, the next challenge is to enhance the pharmaceutical market in the Biobío region, through a wide range of proprietary products, providing a direct benefit to the community in their various needs.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients were featured during the international event, as well as machinery in its supply chain and new generic drugs. This fourth version was focused on biological products, through the platform bioLIVE, highlighted the growth of the biological drugs at global scale.